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  • Tracking the smartphone's Internet activity from your personal account with mSpy – you will be able to see the visited websites and bookmarks
  • Using our software you will get a unique option to record all calls received from the predefined number, which you will be able to set up on your own. The other offered option is the opportunity to record all incoming and outgoing calls using your personal account. Available exclusively for Android-based smartphones.
  • You have a great opportunity to track the call history, including the call duration, the time when the call was made and received, the phone numbers, and even the deleted call log history.
  • You receive unlimited and unrestrict access to the phone's address book
  • All tracked information is collected and posted in one panel.
  • Every single event created on the target cell phone is secretly nlogged and uploaded to your personal Control Panel for your review
  • GPS tracking keeps you updated concerning your employees' activity, family members, or elderly people. View the current whereabouts on a convenient map in your Control Panel or check detailed route history in a specified period of time
  • All incoming and outgoing emails can be monitored via your mSpy Control Panel. The email history will display time, contact address, and contact name (if the sender's/recipient's email address is on the phone address book)
  • You can preview and download pictures, taken by the target phone's camera
  • If you want to record the surroundings or the conversations happening around the target device from your control Panel, for instance, to spy on meeting rooms, mSpy will be perfect choice for you!
  • Allows user to track Skype chats and calls on iPhones/iPads of your own choice.
  • SMS tracking includes the phone number, date, time, and the text itself; whether the message was incoming or outgoing. This information can be accessed through your personal Control Panel.
  • Every video shot with the phone (even those taken before mSpy installation) is logged and uploaded to your personal Control Panel for your review. You will also access deleted video files.

    Purchase Android Spy

    Buy Android spy monitoring app from this website. You can choose what option you need: for Home, for Business use. If you need to monitor you son or your daughter Android phone, you should tell them that you will install the app on their Android phone to keep them safe. mSpy works in invisible mode always, unless you will make it visible. All the installation process takes 5 minutes for Android phone. But be sure the phone is rooted. You can ask our support about Android rooting if you need help. We will be happy to help you and to guide you through all process. If you need to monitor business Android phones which you give to your employees to keep your firm secrets safe, you can install an Android spy app on the phones you give your employees. But be sure you tell them that their phones are being monitored.

    Can I monitor Android Phone?

    Now you can install an app to spy on Android. As we told you before, you have to physically have the device you wish to track before you can proceed. This is very important, because there is no way to spy Check your email to view the confirmation which will have the link and the login information. This will set up your personal Control Panel. Log into the Control Panel then follow our Set Up Wizard. The Set Up Wizard will guide you into how mSpy works. Remember: mSpy cannot be detected by your target, it works in a 100% invisible mode.

    Start Tracking

    mSpy will begin tracking the cell as soon as installation is complete. You will able to track GPS location of the mobile device, see sms messages, calls and other activities taking place. Your web-based Control Panel gives you access this information at any time. mSpy is on our top list of android spy software. It gives you a tool to track and spy Android phone remotely from you computer or any other device connected to Internet.

    Why We Need Android Spy Applications Like mSpy

    Today our life totally depends on smartphones, even if we don’t want to tell that it is true you use it every day. So do you kids and employees. Android phone is part of our life and sometimes kids mishandle them and use not as a helper, but as a way to watch adult movies, talk to dangerous people and buy things you can never buy in normal shop. Also kids like to use Android phone for wasting money and not for education. Do you know what apps you children use and where they spend their time after school (or maybe instead school?). You can use Android spy software to track GPS location of Android phone. After you install mSpy application to track Android GPS location you will see information in Control panel immediately. Do you have a legal right to spy on Android phone? Yes, you can spy on Android phone of your kids, if they are under eighteen years old and you tell them that you will monitor their Android phones. Yes, it is very important to tell your kids that you will use Android tracking software to keep eye. Just tell them that it’s not because you don’t believe what they say. Have a talk and explain, that our world have changed and it is important to increase security measures in every family. The same story is when you want to install Android spy software on employee smartphones. When should you consider installing mSpy on your business phones? Actually you can do it with every business phone, because you’d like to know where your sales or couriers are through the day. To prevent data leakage and selling info to competitors install mSpy on all business Android phones in your company. Again, it is necessary to tell your employees you are installing spy software on smartphones.

    Everything You Need to Know about Android phone spy mSpy

    If you need the best Android phone tracking app - you should check out mSpy for sure. It is one of the best, cheapest and most functional software for this purpose. You can install mSpy in just 2 to 10 minutes, depending on rooting options. If Android phone you want to track is already rooted all installation and activation process with take 5 minutes. But if it not? If you don’t have a way how to root Android mSpy will still work properly, just few features will not be working. If you buy basic package it won’t even influence your experience. Most mSpy features work properly on unrooted Android phone, but there are few, that required rooting, if you are ok that installation will take 3 minutes maximum.

    Does mSpy really work?

    Yes, mSpy really works. It usually works better that other applications available in web. You have to notice that Internet connection is vital for mSpy's correct functioning. After installation you can log in to you control panel, and there already are all data that was on cell phone. So it takes only 5 minuts of physical access t cell phone and then you have remote access to all information on phone.