Application blocking

mSpy allows you to control which apps users of the target devices can or cannot access. Block access to application on your kid's cellphone. If your kid spends too much time using apps, texting, chatting and wasting time in games change it. You can block apps that distracts you children from studying or sleeping. Can you do something with it? Stop you kids permanent gaming and chatting in web. Talk to your kid and take actions using mobile monitoring app.

  • See any type of apps installed (games, social apps, etc.)
  • Manage what the user can or cannot access.
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Why will you find it useful?

If your kid spends too much time in social media, online games, news and other web applications. Apps can be addictive and sometimes you need to find the way to channel your kids or employee's energy into something more productive. By blocking access to apps you may be protecting your loved ones and your business from online dangers and security threats.

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