Install Android Spy App Parental Control Software

You can install Parental Control software on Android phone to track and spy on smartphone activity. Remote control, Geo-fencing and keyword alerts are the best and the most popular and requested among parents, it costs only $8.33 per month.

What is Parental Control software’s features?

1. Track Android Activity and Media Files

After you install tracking app on Android phone you will view all smartphone activity remotely from personal control panel. You will get an access to a control panel after you sign up and install software. Everything your children so on a phone will be transferred to remote account: text messages, social media chats, call logs and contact list, Whatsapp, Telegram and other messages, photo and video files, Snapchat data.

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demo control panel mspytext messages demo2. Track Android GPS location

Parental Control software can spy on Android location and locate a smartphone remotely. You can see where your daughter or son is from your computer or smartphone. GPS TrackerĀ  convertsĀ  mobile device (phone or tablet) into a GPS tracking device.You should install it on Android phone you want to track, it will start recording its locations periodically and send it to secured Control Panel where you can view all data. To sign in just browse to it from any desktop or mobile device. Using this GPS Tracker app, you can follow whereabouts of your children or other family members.

  • Real-time location monitor
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Stealth Mode, you can make it invisible if you want to
  • Low battery consumption
  • Always on, it uses GPS, WiFi, or cellular triangulation, so you will always see Android location
  • Downloadable Reports with Mileage
  • Tracking Multiple Devices You can track multiple devices in your account. All your devices are shown in the same place

location demo3. Geo-Fencing

Use this function to alert you when your child leaves safe zone that you set for a smartphone, so when a kid leaves a safe zone you will receive notification email.

4. Keyword Alerts

Parental Control is no about spying, it’s about noticing and helping your child. You can not help if you don’t know that there is a problem. It is also easier to prevent than to fight with consequences. Use keyword alerts function to receive notification every time someone is using a alert keyword in conversation on Android in texts, chats, when a kid types it in browser search or anywhere on smartphone. Prevent drug-related problems, cyber-bulling, sexting and other online dangers.

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keyword tracking for kids phonedemo

5. Block Sites and Applications

Make sure homework time is homework time and make it easier for a kid to be concentrated. Social media and games keep your children’s attention? You can block all distrusting applications and web sites with parental control app.

block web sites demo

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