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100% Undetectable
Your use of mSpy will go unnoticed. This app runs in an invisible mode so that it's impossible for the target device user to detect its presence on the phone.
Remote Control
mSpy provides you with a web-based control panel that you can access from any Internet-enabled device. You will be able to use it not only to check tracking details, but also to control the device if there is any risk of phone data theft.
Software Updates
Software updates will make sure you get the best performance and new powerful features out of mSpy. Enrich your tracking experience by getting regular mSpy updates.
Unlimited Device Change
During the lifetime of your subscription, you will be able to move the software to other supported devices, no matter how often you will need to do it.


Get to know where they are, who they communicate with, what they text about, which websites they visit, and more!
View Call History
Isn’t making calls what the first cell phone has been created for? Tracking calls is the feature no cell phone tracking app can do without.
View Contact List
Phone Books might contain not only the names and phone numbers, but also email addresses, occupation, and other valuable information about people your target phone user communicates with. Access this data to get a clear picture of your target's entourage.
View Text Messages / MMS
Text messages and MMS can be a great source of information. Using mSpy, you can view all the text messages and MMS sent/received by the target device, even if they were deleted by the user.
GPS Location Tracking
Sometimes you need to make sure your target phone user is where they are supposed to be. By tracking their GPS location you’ll find it out.
Website History / Bookmarks
Browsing the Internet is one of the most popular activities of smartphone users. By getting to know their web history, you’ll find out what they are up to.
Read Emails
Email is the second most popular activity for smartphone users. Everybody likes the ease of checking the email on their mobile device when they are away from their desktop computers. You'll miss out on important information if you don't use this feature.
View Photos / Videos
Photo & Video - People are taking and sharing photos & videos as part of their everyday lives like never before. Chances are your target is no exception. Supervise all taken, copied or downloaded multimedia files to reveal the truth or prevent any unwanted situation.
Calendar, Notes, Tasks
Nothing will tell you more about someone's appointments and scheduled meetings than their phone calendar.
Installed Applications
Millions of mobile apps present risks to data safety. What’s even worse, many people are more addicted to certain apps than to coffee or soda! Now you will be able to see the list of all apps installed on the target phone without the need to physically access it.
SIM Change Notification
mSpy informs you when the SIM card on the target phone gets replaced. You will get notifications about each SIM swap.


Track WhatsApp and other instant messengers, turn the device into a bugging tool, find out what gets typed within any app, and more!
Call Recording*
Sometimes calls logs and text messages can’t give you a rock solid evidence you need. Record their call conversations to reveal the truth.
Record Surroundings
Eavesdropping on face-to-face conversations is a must for those who need hard-core tracking. This feature will let you turn your target phone into a bugging device.
Smartphone owners have over a billion of mobile apps to choose from! Need to know what your target types within all installed apps? This is what keylogger has been created for! With this feature, you will get access to messages, search phrases, and login details typed within all apps running on the target phone.
About a half of smartphone owners actively use instant messengers like WhatsApp. Since they are not charged per message, they send around 32 messages per day! Without intercepting chats your tracking would be incomplete.
Viber is trying to win the battle for chat supremacy and its number of users is skyrocketing. It means that monitoring Viber chats is not less important than SMS tracking. If you want to have a guide into your target user’s mind, you can’t do it without this feature.
Need to track an iPhone? Chances are high that its user is a fan of iMessage application. Use mSpy to learn about their entire iMessage communication. Find out how often and what they are texting about.
An increasing number of mobile users are choosing Facebook Messenger as an alternative to texting. Facebook is one of the best sources of staying connected to friends. Facebook chats tracking is what you need to get to know what’s happening in the life of your target user.
Skype is pushing hard to become the mobile messenger of choice for many smartphone users. It not only powers free Skype-to-Skype messages, but also VoIP-based phone and video calls. Skype tracking will surely let you find out more about your target phone user.


Take action to avoid device data theft, restrict access to inappropriate content, prevent anyone from calling, and more!
Incoming Calls Blocking
The Phone Book of your target might include some unwanted contacts. Call blocking will let you prevent anyone from calling your target phone user, giving you control over all incoming calls.
Application Blocking
It's an app world. On average, 4 out of every 5 minutes spent using a smartphone are spent within apps. Some of them are indispensible, and some are a total waste of time. Why not prevent your target from using useless apps?
Website Blocking
30% of all data transferred across the Internet is porn. More than impressive… What about millions of other websites that might be dangerous or inappropriate? Make sure your target phone user doesn’t access such data by blocking these websites.
Remote Device Lock
The fastest growing means of identity theft is theft of cell phones. Locking (password protecting) the device remotely will make the target phone user immune to this type of theft and protect the phone data.
Remote Device Wipe
Smartphones often hold a lot of confidential data (bank details, company info, personal secrets, etc.). Whatever it is, you wouldn’t want this information to get into the hands of strangers. With mSpy you will be able to remotely delete all data from your lost device in a few seconds.


Product Customization
If you want mSpy customized in a specific way, we've got you covered.
24/7 Support
Run into any issues while installing, setting up or using mSpy? Get them solved by our 24/7 customer support.
Ticket and E-Mail Support
Ticket, Chat, E-Mail and Phone Support
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* Android only

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