Sent/Received text messages

mSpy allows you to view any text message sent from or received by the target device.

You can instantly see:

  • The content of each text message
  • Whether the text message was incoming or outgoing
  • Sender/Recipient of the text message
  • The date and the time of the text message
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Why will you find it useful?

Sometimes knowing what your family members or employees are texting can prevent real trouble. Bullying or leaking company's information are just a few scenarios when this feature comes in handy. All text messages are neatly organized into your Control Panel and you can access them anytime.

SMS spy without access to target phone - Spy phone

Just imagine that you can have access to remote SMS spy and read them online from your computer or smartphone? Sounds great? Of course! Have you ever though that there is a way to really have access to sms on a smartphone without touching mobile phone? Perhaps you would like to take better care and increase security level for your kids, family and business.

It is possible if you use text message spy app

Now you can track sms from some Android or iPhone from any phone or computer that has access to Internet in the world. You can start tracking sms in one moment, it takes really less than 5 minutes to start tracking smartphone if you use special spy software.

What Is SMS Spy App

It’s an absolutely innovative technology, that is based on wi-fi data transfer from smartphone to Control panel, where you can read sms remotely. You can install sms spy on Android or iPhone.

What do you receive when you install spy software with sms spy feature: You see all received and sent SMS in you control panel You can see deleted sms from any cell phone Track numbers that send SMS to smartphone and where person send text messages See data and time, when SMS was sent or received

How SMS Tracking App Works?

You can install SMS tracking app on any cell phone you have legal right to monitor. You can monitor kids cell phone (Android and iPhone) if they are under 18 and you tell them about software you install. Also you can track employees business smartphones you give them for work purposes. It is very clever to track employees sms and other text messages to know if they don’t tell sensitive information to your competitors. The system is able to retrieve all text messages from Android and iPhone and save them in you Control Panel immediately after they appear on cell phone.

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